Sustainable Installations 
Conor got in contact with me for a new logo for a new company he and his business partner were starting. A company focused on crafting a brighter future for everyone through sustainable building. Mainly undertaking the building and construction of the dome style Earth homes but also consulting with similar projects.
Conor had a vision in mind already of what would be the final logo design, but still allowed for creative movement and some change.
A modern, bold and simple style was desired. The new logo holds these qualities as well as reflecting the brand's message in keeping it simple, sustainable and eco-friendly. 
Following the eco-friendly idea, the main aim for me for the project, stationery that was 100% recycled seemed to be the best option for it came time to print.
Overall, the project was successful and Sustainable Installations are on their way to creating a responsible, sustainable and eco-friendly brand.
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